Flow Meter

 flow meter and interface




Flow Meter is a Z-WavePlus enabled device that measures water flow. Detects, measures, and monitors your water utility and it will send alerts on your Z-Wave network. The FMI is compatible with other Z-WaveTM and Z-Wave Plus certified products.


SPECIFICATIONS for FMI (Z-WavePlusTM enabled device)

Power: 5 volts (nominal) DC from regulated Power supply @~ 500mAcapability with optional AA alkaline battery (2) backup

Battery Life (without AC Mains): 40 hours depending on battery capacity/quality and no alarms and default Z-Wave network settings. The FMI typically is not powered by the AA batteries. The batteries are optional; they will keep the FMI functional during short power outages and will maintain continuity of the water usage data for customers who prefer to have historical usage data. The battery life while running on AC main power is generally the normal shelf life.

Frequency Range: 908.4MHz (US); 868.4MHz (EU)

Distance Range: Max 100ft line of sight in unobstructed environment

Enclosure Size (LxWxD): 3" (76 mm) x 2.1" (53mm) x 1.1" (30mm)

Weight: 0.25 lb (110 g)

Operating Temperature: -10⁰C (14F) to +70⁰C (158F)

Input Signal 1 (SIG1):Digital Input 0 to 16V DC, minimum 32 ms high or low time.

SPECIFICATIONS for Flow Meter Body

Maximum Pressure: 150 psi

Maximum Temperature: 122F

Accuracy: Normal Flow:  1.5% / Low Flow:  3%

Minimum Flow Rate (GPM): 0.25 (3/4”) / 0.75 (1”)

Maximum Flow Rate (GPM): 20 (3/4”) / 50 (1”)

Materials: Body & Coupling – EcoBrass; Internals – Engineered thermoplastic; Magnet – Alnico

Pulse Output Cable: Micro USB cable ~5 ft.

Pulse Rate: 10 pulses / gallon

Weight (lbs.) ¾”: 4.25 lbs. / 1”: 6.5 lbs.


  • Do not store highly flammable items such as oily rags or other combustibles near your FMI.

  • Do not apply electrical power to the unit unless the unit is fully assembled to avoid shock.

  • Install unit in accordance with electrical & plumbing codes and regulations. In case you are unsure about any part(s) of these instructions consult a licensed electrician, plumber and/or professional Z-WaveTM home automation specialist.

  • Functionality is based on wireless radio frequency (RF) transmissions. Any wireless transmission can be subject to RF interference or loss of communication. This interference or loss of communication may cause the unit to not operate as intended. You are responsible for ensuring that the FMI functionality and installation meets your desired requirements.

  • WARNING: The FMI must not be used in life support and/or safety applications.

  • Do not place FMI on or near large metal objects. This decreases the range and/or blocks the wireless transmissions.

  • Information provide in this manual is for your convenience and may be superseded by updates. This manual is subject to change without notice.

  • WARNING: It is against the Law to remove or tamper with an existing city meter!

  • WARNING: Do not abruptly open water supply after meter install. The sudden pressure may damage the meter!



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